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Eastern Rock Lobster at Bopp & Tone

Indulge in Decadence: Discover Bopp & Tone’s Exquisite Eastern Rock Lobster Pasta

From sea to plate, experience the last of luxury with every mouthful with our locally caught Eastern Rock Lobster Spaghetti. 

At Bopp & Tone our Australian menu showcases generous and honest share food with Mediterranean influences and our Eastern Rock Lobster Spaghetti, is nothing shy of delivering the flavours. Served with fermented chilli, cherry tomato, parsley, and dill, this dish is guaranteed to impress all your guests.


Whilst the grilling over ironbark and charcoal, gives the Lobster the smokey and earthy flavours it deserves, it’s the flavourful pasta sauce that make this lobster pasta dish so unique.

The Eastern Rock Lobster spaghetti sauce is made from creating a strong lobster dashi with lobster heads, tomato paste, onions and garlic. The chefs will then cook out some capers, garlic, anchovy and chilli and add the lobster broth and a fair bit of butter (we’re all about the flavour here at Bopp & Tone). The pasta is then finished with some chopped parsley and garnished with bronze fennel.

To finish off the presentation, we then glaze the beautiful slightly charred lobster with some of the incredible flavour packed lobster pasta sauce.

Our Eastern Rock Lobster Spaghetti is enjoyed best when shared with friends and family and pairs perfectly with one of our premium champagnes. See full wine list >

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