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Master The Menu: Our Mango Mezcal Tommy

Try Bopp & Tone’s Delightful Mezcal Mango Tommy

Born from a fondness for mangoes, this cocktail harmoniously blends sweetness, zesty citrus, spice and a hint of smokiness in every sip.

A favourite on our cocktail list, this fruit forward recipe is a spin on the classic Tommy’s Margarita. As we step into warmer months and (joyously) mango season, we recommend shaking up this cocktail at your next dinner party to impress your guests.

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Recipe Video:

Our Assistant Bar Manager Jack Russo dives into the recipe and shows you how to recreate the cocktail at home,

Behind The Cocktail

This recipe was crafted by Bar Manager Donovan Binks (a self-proclaimed mango enthusiast), who developed a particular love for the juicy vibrance of Kensington Pride mangos.

With a desire to create a cocktail that highlighted these flavours, he experimented with various spirits before setting on mezcal, finding that the smokiness balanced the sweetness of the fruit. With a generous rim of chilli, citrus and salt that makes the flavours sing, the recipe is a twist on the classic Tommy Margarita, sweetened with organic agave nectar.


For the sous vide mangoes –
2 Kensington Pride mangoes
1 bottle of Del Maguey Vida Mezcal

For the cocktail –
50ml of Mango Mezcal
15ml of agave syrup
30ml of fresh lime juice
King ice cube


Pour the bottle of mezcal in a sous vide bag and add the mango cheeks. Sous vide for 2 hours at 56°C.

Dip the rim in lime juice and sprinkle generously with tajin. Place a large ice cube in the glass.

Shake the mango mezcal, lime juice and agave syrup together till well incorporated.

Double strain into the glass, serve straight away, and savour your creation!

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