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Australian Truffle Season

We made the most of Australian Truffle Season here at Bopp and Tone.

Rich in flavour, we served up a delicious winter special featuring this famous delicacy.

We chatted to Applejack’s Head Of Culinary, Patrick Friesen, on all things truffles, what he loves about Australian truffle season, and the mouthwatering special we served up during Winter at Bopp & Tone.


Why Australian Black Truffles?

Australian Truffles have a stellar international reputation, prized by many of the world’s best chefs and restaurateurs for their quality and consistency. Running from June to September, while the Northern hemisphere’s truffle stock is in hibernation, Australia is the world leader in exporting truffles globally.

The Australian truffle is known as the ‘Perigord’ truffle, the same species as what is found in Europe. Within 24-48 hours of being unearthed, you’ll have a perfectly ripe truffle in your hand. Western Australia’s, Manjimup is home to close to 90% of ‘Perigord’ truffles, with extreme weather temperature ranges making it the perfect climate to grow this type of funghi.

With a rich, earthy & unique flavour profile, Australian truffles are a delicious addition to almost any meal.


Patrick Friesen on his love of Australian Truffle season:

“I love everything about truffle season. I love the allure of the hunt, the magical aroma, and the romanticism of truffles.

They are still a mystery of nature and we need dogs to help find them for us. It’s theatrical in the way you shave them over a dish and the room stops to see and smell what’s happening.”

Bopp & Tone Truffle Special

Roasted pumpkin gnocchi, topped with Australian Black Truffles

Roasted pumpkin gnocchi, topped with Australian Black Truffles

This Winter we added a twist to our famous pumpkin gnocchi, adding freshly shaven truffle topping the dish.

Roasted pumpkin gnocchi, sage, brown butter, parmesan & Australian Black Truffles