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Bopp and Tone’s Guide to Red Wine

We sat down with Bopp and Tone’s wine connoisseur, Amandine Rouviere, to discuss all things red wine. 

With winter now amongst us, we start to lean towards warm, comforting dishes, and with this comes bigger, bolder RED wines.

Find out why Bopp and Tone’s Wine menu is so unique plus hear from Amandine about what her favourite food and wine pairing of the month is.

The Bopp and Tone wine list has been curated by Applejack Group Sommelier Amandine Rouviere to accompany the Australian shared style menu with Mediterranean influences. When dining at Bopp and Tone, the wine list will take you on a journey through Australia, Italy, Spain and France. With the aim being to champion those at the forefront of sustainable viticulture and oenology in Australia and abroad.

Whilst Bopp and Tone’s wine list features a sprinkle of traditional old school wine, it aims to champion small batch wine makers, who adopt a holistic, minimal intervention approach to their wine making. These small batch wine makers are passionate about presenting a true, honest expression of the area in which the wine comes from.


With such an extravagant wine list, featuring old and new style wine, it’s hard to pick a favourite. However, with winter amongst us, Amandine tends to flick towards the red wine section of the menu. Her favourite reds at the moment are: 2019 Polperro ‘Mill Hill’, Pinot Noir from Mornington Peninsula, for it’s fruit ford, high acid and complexity, as well as 2018 Cobaw Ridge, Syrah from Macedon Ranges, a small batch, wintery red that is delicate, balanced and pure expression of where it is from. 

It’s not a guide to red wine, without knowing what to pair it with!

When it comes to food and wine pairing, at Bopp and Tone, Amandine focuses on wine that reflects the origin of the food. She identifies the cut, style or flavours of the produce and pick a wine that accompanies those flavours. 

Some of Amandine’s favourite cold-weather food and wine pairings:

Angus tenderloin, 250g grass fed with 2018 Domaine Font-Sane Gigondas from Rhone Valley.
It literally blows the flavours from the mountains and valleys flora into the grapes – delicious notes of forest pine trees, wild herbs and olive groves all permeate the grapes.

Rack of lamb with caper salsa verde with 2021 Rivulet Wines, Pinot Noir from Coal River Tasmania.
The palate is red fruit focused with hints of red cherry into raspberry, whispers of fennel, leaf matter, fine-but-firm with spicy tannin.