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6 Reasons to Host a Regular Team Lunch

Host your next team lunch at Bopp & Tone

Whether you’re after a Quick Lunch or extravagant Banquet menu, hosting a lunch break at Bopp & Tone is an experience your team will love!

The secret to getting the most out of your team is making sure they are rested and well-fed! To back this up we’ve compiled a list of the Top 6 reasons why you lunching with your team is important!

1. Spark Creativity – Changing your environment encourages new ideas 

Informal conversations help spark ideas and creativity in the workplace. The truth is that anybody can be creative, given the right opportunities and context. You never know what good food & a glass of wine can trigger in the brain, but it can only be good!

2. Break Down Barriers – Embrace the genuine conversations

A bonding session over food, wine…& maybe cocktails, means chatting more freely and getting to know each other on a more personal level. Having those genuine conversations is important for building connections within the team and a well connected team comes with amazing benefits in the long term.

Social Diary Team Lunch

3. Rest & Recharge – Happy, recharged staff = increased productivity

Taking time to switch off and reconnect is very important for productivity within your team. Research has shown that positive interpersonal connections result in better personal and work-related outcomes. Positive relationships make us happier, and thus more productive!

Source > Upskilled

4. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – Build trustworthy relationships 

Networking amongst employees and managers is important for building trustworthy relationships for the future, both professionally and personally! A lunch with the whole team will allow different employees to bond & network with other departments.

5. Increased Engagement – Passionate & committed employees 

High levels of employee satisfaction in an organization are related to work commitment and engagement in their organisation. In turn, this results in superior business performance and overall improvement in the work atmosphere. It is important for organizations to recognize the hard work employees put in to achieve the desired result. And what better way to do this than enjoying a wonderful lunch at Bopp & Tone with your hard working team?

6. Attract & Retain – Strengthen your team culture

We all know how important team culture is becoming in today’s working environment. A positive company culture enhances employee retention. How to create a positive company culture? Regular team lunch… particularly when there’s King Prawns on the menu! Our Private Dining Room is the perfect place to get out of the office, enjoy a delicious meal (maybe a drink or two) and share the great culture and fun of your organisation. Make sure you get some snaps to share on socials and Linked In & show people why your company is great to work for!

Bopp & Tone Prawns

See you for lunch! Book your table below & treat your team at Bopp & Tone.