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A Taste of Westholme

Discover the secrets behind the juicy & robust Wagyu on the menu at Bopp & Tone

On Tuesday 18th February, Bopp & Tone were joined by the Westholme Australia team to talk all things Wagyu.

Westholme are a leading producer of premium Australian beef, based in Queensland & the Northern Territory. Their philosophy is all about being wild and free, eager for adventure and sharing a unique Australian experience.

The morning started off with an introductory talk about the Westholme story and what differentiates their product to other Australian beef.

The business has evolved over almost 200 years and has over 20 properties across northern Australia. They are fully vertically integrated meaning they breed and grow their own cattle, have their own feedlots and farms and also completed a new processing plant in 2014. Each station is managed by a farming family who care deeply for the land and have a passion for raising cattle to produce the best possible beef.

Westholme pride themselves on their unique process in raising their cattle. The herd are born wild, brought up on native grasses for the first two years and then finished on a blend of high quality grains that they craft themselves. There is approximately four years between paddock & plate.

The reason for this process is that grass fed cattle tend to have leaner beef full of flavour but feeding cattle grain creates marbling throughout the cut. Therefore Westholme have combined the best of both worlds to produce their signature tender & juicy steak, MBS 6-7+. The unique flavour and texture is what differentiates their premium product from the crowd, bringing “an authentic flavour profile that is uniquely Australian”.

SOURCE> Westholme Australia

Following on from the introduction, the team were guided through where the different cuts of steak come from. Head Chef, Sa Va’afusuaga was asked to be the guinea pig (or cow shall we say) and we were guided through the difference between the sirloin and rump cap cuts.

In the meantime, Bopp & Tone Chef Sung was preparing some juicy Wagyu on our in-house wood grill. The team were firstly served the sirloin, followed by the rump cap so they could taste the difference in texture & taste between the two.


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