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National Barramundi Day

Bopp & Tone is celebrating National Barramundi Day to support our Aussie farmers!

Join us on Friday 22nd October to #askforaussiebarra and enjoy our delicious Wood-fired Barramundi on special for the day.

To celebrate National Barramundi Day, we’re offering a ‘melt in your mouth’ Wood fired barramundi, Jerusalem artichoke, broad bean, zucchini flower ($46) to encourage consumers to #askforaussiebarra and raise awareness around the ambiguous naming rights in Australia.

Did you know, despite being our native fish with its Aboriginal name, over 60% of barramundi eaten in Australia is imported from Asia? Nearly half of Australians don’t know whether their barra is Australian or imported while most assume that the ‘barramundi’ they are eating is Australian (2019 research). Some importers capitalise on the premium reputation of Australian barramundi, by adding a sprinkle of native herbs, or designing branding with Australian connotations to mislead the consumer. National Barramundi Day is aimed to help protect Australian Barramundi Farmers by encouraging those who want a clear way of determining Aussie barra from imported fish to sign the petition to reserve the name ‘barramundi’ for Australian grown or caught fish.

Australian barramundi is grown to high quality standards with stringent regulations guaranteeing safe product, sustainable farming and a safe workplace with fair pay for jobs in Australia. Our barra farmers and commercial fishers can’t compete on price with the lower costs of regulation and cheap labour of our overseas competitors. This puts their livelihoods and our access to genuine Australian grown barramundi at risk.

If you’d like to support our Aussie barramundi farmers, you can sign the petition here.

Book in for #nationalbarramundiday and enjoy our delicious Aussie barramundi on the menu at Bopp & Tone.