Meet the Maker: Dominic Valentine

Meet the Maker: Dominic Valentine

Kicking off our Winemaker Table Series on July 3rd is Dominic Valentine.

For the last nine years Dominic has been making wine from different vineyards from around Victoria – Yarra Valley, Mansfield, Heathcote and Whitlands and will be brining his Valentine Wine collection to Bopp & Tone as part of our Winemaker Table Series.

We sat down with Dominic to find out more about his story and his approach to winemaking. Keep reading to find out more.

Your story: How did you get into winemaking, and how long have you been doing it for?

I essentially stumbled across the industry… After completing my science undergrad degree in WA (1997), I had no idea where to apply it. A buddy of mine was setting up a restaurant in Margaret River so I packed up and gave him a hand to sling coffees and shake cocktails. I had holidayed in MR growing up so the move was very easy and a welcome relief to study. I surfed most mornings and worked in the arvo and evenings – pretty good life for a 20 year old.

Naturally, the restaurant was frequented by all the legend winemakers from the area and my exposure to exceptional wine was insane. My first mentor, Steve Flamsteed, was the winemaker at Leeuwin Estate at the time and convinced me to have a crack at harvest with him. Upon entering the winery on my first day, I was hooked. Harvested grapes, fermentations, hard physical labour, was just what I was looking for and an ability to apply my science brain.

I was a cellarhand at Leeuwin and Xanadu, gaining cellar skills, until I applied for a Masters in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of Adelaide (Roseworthy) commencing in 2003. I’ve been a qualified winemaker for 15 years and had my own brand for 9 years.

Your approach: Describe your approach to winemaking & where you draw inspiration from.

I apply my science background and understanding to a minimal intervention application of winemaking. The key is to work with supreme quality fruit that doesn’t require cellar manipulation.

 I draw inspiration from the surrounding environment that I immerse myself in – I want to transport my consumers to the vineyard where the fruit comes from.

Your choice: What’s the best wine that you’ve ever tasted & why was it so good?

2010 Georg Breuer Rüdesheimer Berg Schloßberg Riesling.

Insane vineyard. Beautiful tension with power. I helped make it. Winery and vineyard is full of legends.

Meet Dominic and sample his wines this July at our Winemaker Table Series.

For $120pp indulge in our delicious Grand Feast Banquet paired with wines from Dom Valentine. Purchase your tickets below.


Valentine Wines:

2011 Valentine Wines Blanc de Blancs ZD

2018 Valentine Wines Riesling

2018 Valentine Wines Chardonnay

2018 Valentine Wines Greco

2017 Valentine Wines ‘365 SC’ Riesling

2017 Valentine Wines Rosé

 2017 Valentine Wines Grenache

2018 Valentine Wines Pinot Noir

2018 Valentine Wines Montepulciano