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Inspiring Women | Meet Laura

Empowered Women, Empower Women

To celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March, we interviewed one of our female leaders at Bopp & Tone.

We sat down with Laura, our Events Coordinator & Assistant manager to find out what motivates her to work in hospitality, who inspires her plus her top event tips.


Who are you?
Laura Aka LD

What is your role?
Event Coordinator/Assistant Manager at Bopp & Tone 

How long have you worked for Applejack?
Nearly 3 years in total. 2 years since I have returned to Australia from London. 8 months in 2012 when I was a young 19 year old looking to made a dime.

 The Butler Potts Point

What motivates you to work in hospitality?
Food. How food brings people together in times of celebration, happiness, sadness and the power of giving to others is what inspires and motivates me to work in hospitality.


Who is a female leader that inspires you & why?
Amber Doig, Head Chef of The Butler Potts Point. Nothing is too small or big for this incredible human. I have never met a more humble, passionate and caring woman in my time (and my mum)

Top event advice?
Know exactly what your client wants before they step in the door. Be hyper-organised, create a vision and experience for your customer.